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ADAU1772 I2S input

Question asked by kermit.yu on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by TylerK


I use the ADAU1772EVB to communicate with CSR8675 by I2S. The CSR8675 is configured as master mode and the 1772 is slave. The CSR configurations are shown in the screenshot and you can see the 1772 settings in the project.

Unfortunately, I can just hear from the left channel and the right channel has nothing. When I change the 'LRCLK Polarity' I can hear the right channel signal that send from the CSR8675 in the left channel of 1772 HP output. The right channel of 1772 HP output still has nothing.

I double checked all the settings and it seems ok. Is anyone familiar with it and can you help me to solve this issue?