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ADA4571 for PMSM motorcontrol sine commutation

Question asked by addi on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by pratik_01


i have an ADA4571 GMR-Sensor with a 30 pole Magnetring (Off-Shaft integartion). The sensor works very well and the estimated angle is very accurate, but my question is, can i obtain a 360° mechanical angle with this build? I know that the ADA4571 is only for 0-180° degrees with the atan2 function, but in the datasheet is described, that you can use this sensor for motorcontrol and positioning. Actually i get a very nice angle between 0 and 180°degrees but for my commutation algorithm i need also the range of 180° up to 360° is it possible with a software trick or something else?

Thanx for your help!