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Designing of transimpedence amplifier for input current range 100-200pA - struggling to find a device

Question asked by Maria Employee on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by iamPhil

We are building an application (university project) where our bio-sensors give us current in the range of 50-200 pA. We need to design a front end that would convert this small current to voltage of appropriate level which can be fed to ADC for digital conversion for processing. Our query is that we have found out an ideal device from ADI which is ADA4530-1R-EBZ-TIA. Could you please tell us whether this is appropriate for our application? Since this is an expensive board and we are going to use it for students' project we want to be sure.

If this works, then please confirm if we will need any voltage amplifier at the output of TIA, as this TIA has 10Gohms of feedback resistor and our current is in pA so TIA will give output voltage in few volts which may be enough to drive the ADC channel. Please confirm.