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AD9548 Output Sync to 1PPS Reference

Question asked by ElektroMatic on Jan 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by neilw

I am designing a data acquisition device that will use AD9548 with GPS 1PPS signal as a reference clock to generate clean 1PPS signal and 2MHz clock. That would require output synchronization to the reference, where I am not sure which mode would be the best. I assume that "self-disciplined" mode would be recommended to avoid the effect of the cycle to cycle jitter of the 1PPS? Is this mode continuous or are there any periods of time, where there is no output clock?


In the case of "self-disciplined" mode, what would be the maximum expected phase difference between the outputs of two devices if they are driven with two different 1PPS references that differ only in small amount of cycle to cycle jitter? 

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