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HMC980 with smaller pinch off gate voltage (-1.5V)

Question asked by jpaden on Jan 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by kkaya

We are using the HMC980 active bias controller to power various amplifiers. One of the amplifiers that we are using is the Triquint 2567. The absolute maximum rating for the amplifier gate voltage is -2V to +1V. The HMC980's gate voltage supply is too low when pinching off the channel. The HMC980 datasheet recommends contacting "Hittite application support" for gate voltages outside the range -3.5V to -2.3V. We would like a gate voltage for pinching off the channel of -1.5V as recommended by the Triquint datasheet.


There is a related question suggesting an op-amp:

Op-amp suggestion, current buffer 

An op-amp would be fine, but I wanted to make sure this was the method recommended by Analog/Hittite.


A couple of notes from the Triquint/Qorvo datasheet: