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ADV7280M image jitter noise

Question asked by razavimday on Dec 30, 2016
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Hi expert,


Sorry for trouble you. My name is RMD, which is a DFEA in china.

We have some issue about the image jitter and noise. attached is the video and scripts from my customer.

I have visited their company and we change the register of 0X17,0X18,0X19 as you mentioned,

but the result is not good. these register may change the some filters bandwidth, and DNR register we can not operate.

0X17 0X41->0X40->0X4A->0X53...


Next, we use EVB to debug this issue. the platform is MT6735.

we fly the wire from our EVB MIPI clock p/n data p/n AGND to their ISP. but I2C work independently.

and then we found the MTK platform flow plan is not allowed for this application.

they both check the hardware and software(we remove the decoder in their board in order to use our EVB).

So I'm confused that how to use our EVB correctly, I have to contact with you.

Could you give me some advice? such as how to do the online debugging with our EVB to others platform to get good image effect. as I known, the sensor company designed the debug tools for FAE,


signal chain as:



but we don't have method to display and show customer our advantage.





video address


PS: the EVB scripts we got from TSM, and the ftp address  can only  access to ADI internal network.