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Frame Capture Example for ADSP BF609 EZ Board

Question asked by hardikp on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by Kader.M



I have the ADSP BF609 EX oard and ADZS-DECODE_EX3 board.


1. I am trying to capture 1280x720p frame output from laptop HDMI port using frame capture example provided in CCES. But the captured frame is not proper. captured frame is shifted towards right. I have attached the captured frame image. I am able to capture 1024x768p and 640x480p frame properly in both UVVY and RGB format. Please guide.


2. One more question, how to capture the frame in 8 bit SDR format? I have tried updating the example code to configure ADV7842 to output frame in 8 bit format with doubling the LLC frequency. I have measure the LLC on CRO and it was 50MHz for 640x480p frame  but captured frame was not proper. I also tried configuring the EPPI inteface for 8 bit frame capture but failed.