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Why is the output of my ADP5054 too high?

Question asked by WallyPhillips on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by WallyPhillips

I'm using an ADP5054 for an FPGA power generation. On all 5 boards, when I power up for the first time, I get no "power good" LED. When I power off and back on again, the power good LED is always on. It always happens on the first power up and then never happens again. Any ideas?


That isn't my biggest concern though. My output 4 is designed for 1.0V@2A. FB resistor is 16K2, and the ground resistor is 64K9. On this board, output voltage is 1.23V and the feedback node is close to 1.0V. I think it should be more like 800mV. I checked  R values and they are correct (as stated above). The other 4 boards work OK. Values were picked by your simulator.

Compensation component values are 4n7 and 3K92.

Any idea what's going on?