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Using icc lib to share ressources from core A to core B on bf561

Question asked by Aaronwu Employee on Sep 7, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2011 by Aaronwu

Hi Guys,


I'm making an application type Core A uclinux and Core B DSP with  bare metal and FreeRTOS.


I'm trying to use icc library to request ressources (like AD1836  codec from the EZkit board). I do not find any example on the net and  the blackfin documentation is out of date : icc protocol do not use the  same variables as describe in[]=icc

Unfortunatly I just have that link and few examples more about packet  sending and scalar to make my code. I do have test the examples and  they work fine but they are not focused on I/O ressources sharing like  SPI SPORT etc ...

Thus I have to learn it the hard way and spend a lot of time figuring  out how to put together this system.


Is there any of you who could help me with some code examples from  the uclinux application side as well as the bare metal side?

This library is really usefull, and it will be great to see some  tutorials around it for all its different use.


Best Regards,