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Number of input sport buffers according to MIPS

Question asked by javireo on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by JJoseph

Hello, I have some troubles with my SigmaStudio project for Sharc:

When I created my Schematics in SigmaStudio, I computed the number of MIPS in order to calculate de number of input sport buffers that are necessary. 


MIPS (peak)  = 169.102

Module buffer size = 1536





With this configuration I need 128 input sport buffers, but I have one dude. The module buffer size is this one?


Assuming that the number of input sport buffers (128) is correct. How  can I configue the 32 bit state  memory for this requirements?. When I try to grow the number of buffers I exceed the ADI_SS_SIZE_BLOCK_4.