BF548 EZ-kit developer need help~

Discussion created by Aaronwu Employee on Sep 7, 2011
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Hi developers~:

  i am currently working on a project with BF548 Ezkit board.  The  project does need an OS on the board so i have read most of related DOCs  about how to build and download u-boot and kernel to target. Now there  is a question...does the board can running this kernel stand alone...i  mean even i unplug power cable it won't loose any data and it will boot  correctly image at next time....if it can please help me out: how..?

  Also i have seen a awesome demo on the website https://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=hw:boards:bf548-ezkit.  So i just wondering if some one can help me what kind of cable i need  to connect to a USB keyboard and what is the blackfin-linux-dist  configuration file if i want to achieve the same results as that video  editor's one?