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ADV7610 INT1 and INT2

Question asked by Busker on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by edo

We have an ADV7610 design where we feed video to a display and audio to an application processor.


We would like to use the ADV7610 INT1 and/or INT2 outputs to inform the processor of video, audio and events such as an HDMI cable being plugged in.  Do the INT1 and INT2 have identical capabilities for sending interrupts out?


In other words, do we gain any interrupt capability if we hook up both INT1 (ball A7) and INT2 (ball A8, since we don’t need MCLK) to the processor?  Or would this be unnecessary duplication?  Yes, we know UG-438 describes how to set up the I2C registers for all the various interrupt conditions, but there are literally pages and pages to read through on this topic – it would take us some amount of time to figure this out.


- Stephen