File system for both u-boot and uclinux

Discussion created by Aaronwu Employee on Sep 7, 2011
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We need a filesystem that is supported by  both u-boot and uclinux.
Under u-boot we need to: read only
Under uclinux: read and write.
The final goal is to be able to store new uclinux images via a webserver  (obviously running under uclinux), so the next start-up, u-boot can  read this image and boot it.

Since there are several file systems around and we can not figure out  which one is supported by both u-boot and uclinux, we would like to ask  your advice.

So far we had a look at:
- ubifs: does work under uclinux, but u-boot seems not to be ready for  it since lots of code is uncommented. We already put a lot of afford in  it, but we bumped into new problems every time.
- yaffs: again, it does work under uclinux, but u-boot seems to handly  things differently: scanning the NAND and wiping out unexpected contents  (which we stored under uclinux) is one of the things that worries us.

Our development time is shortened to a critical stage now.

Can you give us the golden tip? Which file system is ready to go for  both systems and needs a minimum of development time?
Speed and efficiency are no issues. Stability, wearleveling and bad  block handling are.

Our storage device is a 16MB NAND. Processor is BF527.

Thank you for your advice in advance,