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Problem with AD2S1210SDZ Board through SPI communication

Question asked by s@ndeep91ece on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by jcolao

I am trying to interface My Freescale 56F84789 tower board with AD2S1210SDZ Revision 2 board through SPI for getting the position and velocity of servo motor. I configured as per datasheet. As far as I know, i saw datasheet for Ad2S1210 revision O and A.

1) Each time when Power ON to the AD2S1210 Board. Will it be in the default excitation frequency of 20KHz??.

I configured it to 5KHz. If switch OFF and ON the power, It will be at 10KHz excitation frequency.


2) How do i set LOS and DOS  OVERRANGE THRESHOLD Registers. 

what does this mean??  Below sentence is given in application note. Somewhat same for LOS, DOS OVERRANGE, MISMATCH THRESHOLD registers. 


The DOS overrange threshold register determines the degradation of signal threshold of the AD2S1210. The AD2S1210 allows the user to set the DOS overrange threshold to a value between 0 V and 4.82 V. The resolution of the DOS overrange threshold is seven bits, that is, 38 mV. Note that the MSB, D7, should be set to 0. The default value of the DOS overrange threshold on power-up is 4.1 V.


3) I am getting Fault register data as 0xD0. Please give some insight answer on this. 



Thanks in advance.