Booting BF527 from a 16-bit parallell flash

Discussion created by Aaronwu Employee on Sep 7, 2011
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We have a custom board with a BF527 processor which is meant to boot  from a S29GL512 16-bit parallel flash from Spansion. The BMODE pins are  set to 0x1, but the processor won't boot !! I write u-boot.ldr to  address 0x20000000 using the flashmem command and gnice tool. When I  download u-boot.bin directly to SDRAM, U-boot starts as it should,  reading the SYSCR register returns correct BMODE setting. I have also  tried running bootldr 0x20000000 from the already loaded U-boot in RAM  and it works fine as well. Reading the header of the flash ldr file  returns

bfin> md 20000000 10
20000000: ada75001 ffa00000  00000000 00024640    .P..........@F..
20000010: adf00801 ffa00000 00000128 deadbeef    ........(.......
20000020: 01670570 ffc0e14a e10a6f46 95100a14    p.g.J...Fo......
20000030: 14034800 20096007 ffc0e14a 0a10e10a    .H...`. J.......

As far as I understand the highlighted byte stands for 8-bit DMA from  an 8-bit flash, which is wrong in my case? If it is, how can I change  it?