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ADV7625 Audio InfoFrames

Question asked by ph99004 on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2016 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

I'm back asking some general questions regarding HDMI Audio and Audio InfoFrame management.


When the ADV7625 is in transceiver mode, I understand that InfoFrames received in the RX portion of the ADV7625 are not passed on to the TX and the sync. We wait for the new AVI InfoFrame to occur then we read RX's AVI InfoFrame information it has read then pass that information on to the TX section for AVI InfoFrame creation and sending to the sync.


Is there a similar process that occurs on the Audio InfoFrame portion? (I assume so.) I have quite a few HDMI sources which are not getting their audio to pass through to the sync. Some work just fine but others will not pass audio. The RX sections sense an HDMI source, most of the time, but I would think audio would pass regardless because the EDID/CEA-861 properly defines the audio capabilities of the display (LPCM, 2-Ch).


I am looking at this correctly from a methodology standpoint? If so, similar to the TX writes which define colorspace for the AVI InfoFrame, what kinds of registers are necessary for the TX section to generate Audio InfoFrames automatically?


BTW, I have a ADV7625-EVM module on its way. But, for now, I am using my own board.


Thank you.