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Question asked by WillH on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by GuenterL

We have been experiencing some ADV7611 hardware fails during HDMI compliance testing at the compliance test house in Taiwan.


The I2C DDCA_SCL and DDCA_SDA pins on the ADV7611 seem to have failed and are stuck low. We believe that this may have occurred during the HDMI CTS Test 8-9, Line capacitance and Voltage testing.


Also the HPDA/INT2 pin and the RXA_5V pin appeared to have failed - we do not have an explanation for this failure.


My question is, do these signals need protecting in some way between the HDMI connector and the ADV7611?

Do you have any experience of the ADV7611 failing in this manner?


There is no indication in the datasheet, application notes or the dev kit that extra protection is required.


I also have no reason to believe that the fails have been caused by ESD as the test house is very experienced.



Will Haylock