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PTP on blackfin

Question asked by Aaronwu Employee on Sep 7, 2011
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I am looking for info on running PTP on Blackfin Linux. I have read  the wiki page as  well as the BF518 HRM chapter 23 on IEEE 1588 PTP ENGINE. My  understanding is that ptpd will "automagically" adjust the hardware  clocks between two BF518 boards, one being master and one being slave.  The precision of this adjustment is 12.5 ns claimed in the BF518 Data  Sheet.


1. The daemon ptpd can also run on other Blackfin chips. What is the  precision achieved with ptpd on Blackfins other than BF518?

2. Is there any info available (App Notes, articles) showing the  actual performance achieved on either BF518 or other Blackfins?

3. Are there any reference designs or examples available showing the  usage of the pulse-per-second PPS output?

4. Is the PPS output available from chips other than BF518?

Thank you -- Wojtek