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Running the ADUCM360 internal loader

Question asked by sdxWAk on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by ABuda

Hi, there are two questions:

1) The AN-1160 told that only way to enter loader mode is resetting the part by toggling the RESET input pin while specific GPIO pin held low. It is not  convenient is my application because I shold add reset wire to the host. Now I am using DEMO-AD5700D2Z board with D30 ADUCM chip IC revision. So, I tried enter to loader mode just pressing DOWNLOAD button and power up the board without using RESET button. The CM3WSD Application told that the part entered to the boot mode. So, the question is it OK entering to the loader mode for ADUCM360 by power sequence without using RESET pin wire?

2) Is there any way to enter to the boot mode by software?


Thank you.