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What happens if I write "0" into PREAMBLE_LEN register of ADF7023?

Question asked by m4l490n on Dec 21, 2016
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I have this question because I have to work on a receiver that is going to receive packets from the ADF7023 and the product I have to receive from is already finished and based on this chip.


The people I'm talking to to get support from this product say that there is no preamble being sent, that everything starts from the sync word. On the other hand I read in the datasheet:


The preamble is a mandatory part of the packet that is automatically
added by the communications processor when
transmitting a packet and removed after receiving a packet.
The preamble is a 0x55 sequence, with a programmable
length between 1 byte and 256 bytes


But I find that the register can be written from 0 to 0xFF since is a 8 bit register and the documentation says:

Length of preamble in bytes. Example: a value of decimal 3 results in a preamble of
24 bits.


So, following this logic that tells me that you can actually write a 0 in the register because there is no explicit place that says you can't, but I don't know what is going to happen. So if a value of 3 means 24 (8 x 3) and a value of 1 would be 8, then a value of 0 means what?


I get confused with this and the fact that this person is telling me that there is no preamble in the packet.


Is this possible? Or I will have a preamble of 8 bits if I write "0" and "1"?