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Having troubles with pin DOUT/ RDY     AD7191

Question asked by dfae-Sergey-Golovkov on Dec 21, 2016
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My customer have troubles with AD7191 pin DOUT/RDTY


Information from datasheet:

DOUT/RDY operates as a data ready pin, going low to indicate the completion of a conversion. If the data is not read after the conversion, the pin goes high before the next update occurs.


Problem: If pins AIN1 and AIN2 are short-circuited => DOUT/RDY pin constantly high, but must be low.


Electrical circuit:

Electrical circuity


"Good" picture - XS=1, DOUT/RDY goes low when conversion finished. DOUT/RDY is blue.



"Bad" picture - XS=5, this is the moment, when AIN2 on the GND. DOUT/RDY is yellow.


Additional test: AIN1 and AIN2 was short-circuited without GND - the picture was the same, so the problem is not associated with ground.


Do you have any ideas, what should we do?

Thank you.