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AD9136 using AD-FMCDAQ2-KC705 rference design

Question asked by stephensdsp on Dec 20, 2016
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I am using AD-FMCDAQ2 files on KC705 to setup AD9136. I am just using one DAC on AD9136 at the moment. I can  access the registers via SPI and able to communicate with AD9136, but when I try to change register 0x459 to 0x21 the DAC PLL does not get locked.

Also what parameters I need to change in reference design to match with Mode 8 on AD9136 Page 52 of the datasheet. The only difference I see in AD9144 Mode 4 and AD9136 Mode 8 are:


                  AD9144                              AD9136


0x456           0x01                                    0x00                         M Convertors per link

0x459           0x20                                    0x21                         Samples per frame


Appreciate your help.