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AD7768 DaisyChain Timing

Question asked by Damian on Dec 20, 2016
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I am evaluating the AD7768-4 for an application with multiple, distributed channels using the daisy-chain mode.

There is some confusing info in the Datasheet on how to calculate the Maximum DCLK frequency:

where t8 = 1/(DCLK/2) , so this formula folds back on itself and seems unsolvable.

Is there an example calculation that shows how to use the formula?

In my case I can calculate the minimum frequency for 10kHz sampling rate with 40 channels using two DOUTx as

DCLKMIN = Output Data Rate × Channels per DOUTx × 32 bits = 6.4MHz

but I am stuck at calculating the maximum allowed frequency for daisy chained devices to check if the AD7768 is feasible for my application.