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ADV7619 tune for jitter

Question asked by Bernd.K Employee on Dec 20, 2016
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“We are facing a problem with a HDMI-Output of a Lenovo S440 Notebook in combination with the ADV7619. Our hardware specialist say that the HDMI-signal does not look very good in terms of jitter. The attached eye diagram show the difference between a good HDMI-Signal (HDMI-Signal_ok.png) and the HDMI-Signal of the notebook (HDMI-Signal_not_ok.png).


At the outputs the ADV7619 produces in some frames a gap of one line with the HDMI-Signal of the Notebook (HDMI-CPU-DE-Luecke.png). The green signal is the Data Enable signal of the ADV7619. Our FPGA recognizes this gap and stops the video data processing because the video signal does not look stable.


Our question is now, can we tune the ADV7619 in some way to handle the additional jitter so that no video lines are dropped by the ADV7619? Or maybe any equalizer settings we could change?”