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[ADE7953] refer to input LSB calculation

Question asked by sofy Employee on Dec 20, 2016
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According to ADE7953 datasheet page 21 "CURRENT CHANNEL ADCS" as below,


With the specified fullscale analog input of ±250 mV and a PGA_Ix gain setting of 2, the ADC produces its maximum output code. The ADC output swings between −6,500,000 LSBs (decimal) and +6,500,000 LSBs.


As below calculation is correct?

1) 1LSB=7.69E-8 V (0.5V/6,500,000LSBs)
2) 0.645V(7.69E-8V×8388607) when 0x7FFFFFLSBs


Thank you for your help in advance.