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AD9910 Eval board DVDD_IO short circuit?

Question asked by Staffan on Dec 19, 2016
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In trying to use the internal Xtal on the AD9910 Eval Board, I attached two 0 Ohms resistors at position R4 and R11. However, I didn't remove C51 and C52 that connects the external clock input. Now when I start the board, DVDD_IO appears be short circuited. The 3.3V power supply limits at about 500mA.

Is it at all possible to break the AD9910 by simply connecting the Xtal without removing the caps for the external reference?


I have tried to see if there are any pieces of metal anywhere that might short circuit the DVDD_IO, but didn't find anything. If the AD9910 breaks, would it be reasonable to have 300-500mA, 50mV drop for DVDD_IO?