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Default values of axi_ad9361 version and scratch registers

Question asked by beamer.ce1 on Dec 19, 2016
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I'm working with the axi_ad9361 core that is used in the FMCOMMS2 reference design and I'm try to access the AXI-based Version and Control register of this core:


0x00000x0000REG_VERSIONVersion and Scratch Registers
[31:0]VERSION[31:0]ROVersion number.
0x00010x0004REG_IDVersion and Scratch Registers
[31:0]ID[31:0]ROInstance identifier number.


Currently, I'm receiving all zero's (0's) for the REG_VERSION and REG_ID registers.  The Id field in the Re-customize IP dialog box indicates that it's set to zero (0) but the version number should be 1.0 but I'm seeing zero.  Does anyone know the format of the 32-bit REG_VERSION register?  Is it broken down into major and minor revision numbers?  How many bits are allocated to each sub-field?


Also, shouldn't these AXI-based 32-bit registers be able to be accessed using a Xil_In32(AXI_ADDRESS) function call?  If not, is there another function I should use to access AXI-based registers from the MicroBlaze?


- Brad