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AD7124-4 Noise Performance

Question asked by Yuya on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by Yuya

It is a question about noise in AD7124 Evaluation board.

After doing a noise evaluation, I'm in trouble in that noise specifications are not according to data sheet.


I have two question.


#1  When I perform a noise evaluation in Sinc4 Filter, the value that was gretly different from Date sheet may sometimes


      It sometimes succeed or sometimes fail.

      Why will such a difference appear?

      figure 1


#2  I performed a noise evaluation by two kinds of methods. One , I let "LK5" short-circuit, the other I let "LK5"  

      short-circuit and connected AIN0 and AIN1 to the ground(figure 2).

      When I connect to the ground, the value that was better than a data sheet was provided.

      Which method is right?


           figure 2