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ADF4350 EVB Output (RFAoutput) Waveform

Question asked by dcaplan on Dec 19, 2016
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I am debugging a design made by someone else that uses the ADF4350 to generate a 1GHz clock from a 10MHz input reference (super stable rubidium source).  On the eval board they based the design on, they removed R59 and added a 50 ohm to ground on the input termination (R9).  Everything else appears to be stock configuration of the eval board.  Does the following image appear to be the expected output of a 1GHz clock?  The board is connected to the scope via 1 foot RG316 cables.  I would hope for a more sinusoidal shape but I'm wondering if the output termination is not correctly matched for this frequency (or perhaps the loop filter needs to be adjusted).  RF is outside my usual area of work so any help will be appreciated.



1GHz output