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Running both Linux and a SHARC+ application (

Question asked by canard on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2017 by Agathodaimon

I tried to follow your Linux_Add-in_User's_Guide-1.1.0.pdf section 6.5.7 2. and I got some issues. Here's the assumptions:


  • I have Linux running with a SSH connection
  • I created a new CCES application for 1 SHARC+ core
  • I created a debug configuration using ICE 1000
  • I added a core project only for Core 1 (SHARC+)
  • I disabled "Halt core after connecting to target" for ARM (Core 0)


Once I launched debug view is launched I get these state


  • Device 0 [Core 0] (Cortex-A5) (Suspended : Breakpoint)
  • Device 0 [Core 1] ( SHARC ) [Debug\Test_core1.dxe] (Running : User Request)


According to the user's manual, the Cortex-A5 should not be suspended by the ICE-1000. This implies Linux to crash.


How can I solve this issue?