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Review of the Linux Add-in Manual

Question asked by canard on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by Aaronwu

I addressed this review to, but it seems they don't offer any Linux support through private support channel. So I post it here with the hope somebody from Analog could see it.


I spent the last two days using your user's guide and I really appreciated it.
Is well written and it helped me a lot to understand more the toolchain. That
said I have few remarks about the document. You'll find my review here below.  


Comments Linux Add-in



Page 12: 2.1.1 1 Introduction


"Some useful bacground reading" -> "Some useful background reading"


Page 12: 2.1 Configure the Linux Host Machine


Other packages may be necessary to build the kernel such as git/subversion. I
would probably add

a note about this and add this to the list:  


sudo apt-get install libncurses-dev dh-autoreconf

Page 25: 2.2.5 Booting Linux Standalone From Non-Volatile Storage


Maybe add the following command as preamble. The `mount rootfs.ext3 /mnt/`
requires to be in the

correct directory.  


cd /opt/analog/cces-linux-add-in/1.1.0/buildroot-sc58x-1.1.0/images/


Page 25: 2.2.5 5.2 Flash the rootfs into SD/MMC


The text does not explain why two partitions are required and how big they
should be. So far

the tutorial only uses the first primary partition. It would be useful to give
a better explaination  

about this point.  


Page 26: 2.2.5 5.4 Customize the u-boot environment


There is a confusion with hard-coded addresses e.g. 0xc4000000 and the
variables ${loadaddr}.

Since these variables exists, I would much prefer using them everywhere instead
of hardcoded addresses.  


2) sf probe 2:1

3) sf read ${dtbaddr} 0x900000 0x5000

4) sf read ${loadaddr} 0xa00000 0x600000

5) bootm ${loadaddr} - ${dtbaddr}


Page 39: 3.2.2 3.1 Enable fitImage Support


Dead link here:  


"For more information about how to boot from U-Boot, please refer to SC58x
ezkit Linux quick start



Page 56: 4.4.4 4.2 Enable LCD backlight


# echo 102 > /sys/class/gpio/export

# echo high > /sys/class/gpio/gpio102/direction


I guess the correct value for direction is `out` not `high`, isn't?


Page 56: 4.4.4 4.3 Calibration  


Missing image in the PDF.


Page 173: 6.4.2 2.1 Set Up ICC Devie Tree Node


You can now rebuild the device tree binary using the make-linuxrebuild;make;
command in Buildroot.


The correct command is `make linux-rebuild && make`


General remarks:  



* Some sections are empty such as 6.5.7 2.2 Boot u-boot to console

* Some important information about how to build the kernel with buildroot are
not well summarized in one dedicated section:

* Numbering isn't consistent along the file such as page 155 "3) Enable OTG"

* Double numbering is confusing (5.21.4 and 4.1, the 4.1 should be named

* U-boot is sometime spelled u-boot and UBoot

* Backlight is also spelled back-light in the document

* What is 'griffin' in 'griffin_rootfs'?

* Possible confusion with uImage and vmlinux I think both refer to the same
binary should we use one unified name?