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ADE7953 PF calibration

Question asked by mamech on Dec 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by dlath



I am trying to calibrate the PFA register in ADE7953, but I understood from that datasheet that the PFA needs no calibration, but only needs simple conversion.


the matter seemed to me to be straight forward , but the strange thing, is that I got strange results.


I connected a filament lamp, and I checked its power factor using wattmeter, and it shows that its PF is 1, while the ADE7953 shows that the PF is around 0.65.

I connected purely capacitive load (an AC  Capacitor), and the resulting PF is 0.25  (I do not remember if it was 0.25 or -0.25 in fact, but it is not the main issue to me, the main issue is the strange magnitude)

of course I excluded the MSB bit from conversion as it is just a sign indicator. 


the current sensing element is shunt resistor, so it does not make any offset in phase. 



I do not understand, what is wrong? does this register needs any calibration?