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ADAU1761 jack detcetion

Question asked by Def on Dec 17, 2016
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I would like to detect which type of jack has been inserted and use analog switch ADG736 to connect signals properly. As you can see in picture below, in first stuation the tip is Headphone (L). When the mono mic is inserted tip is now microphone connector. Can I distinguish this two jacks with ADAU1761? or do I need external circuit for this purpose? 


Another quesiotn: I saw this thread about jack detection and it turned out that this functions doesn't work the way I think it was. Luckily I have external microcontroller to do the job. I'm looking into ADAU1761 registers but there is only JDDB, JDFUNC and JDPOL. Where is the flag that tells me that jack has been inserted?