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Need a ADI recommended Fractional N PLL

Question asked by Se-woong on Dec 16, 2016
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My customer wants to use ADI PLL devices, so they request your recommeded  PLL device adapting below conditions.

Please refer below conditions and let me know your opinions.


Case 1:

        1. Reference Frequency: 153.6MHz

        2. Reference Frequency: 10MHz

        3. Output Clock Frequency: 322.265625MHz


         If you can recommend, both reference Frequencies are supported.

         If you can't, 153.6MHz is more important than 10MHz.


Would you recommend ADI PLL adapting above conditions?



Case 2:

        1. Reference Frequency:  322.265625MHz

        2. Output Clock Frequency: 153.6MHz


        If 322.265625MHz is too high, they can use divided- N (integer) frequency of this.


  Would you recommend ADI PLL adapting above conditions?    


Please advise me.