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Regarding AD9371 Baluns

Question asked by Manu2606 on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by Vinod
1. According to the AD 9371 DS,  The transmitter O/P Impedance is 50 Ohm differential hence Balun has to be 1:1 Balun, In this case mini circuits 1:1 Balun (TCM1-83X+) is used in reference schematic which is fine and understood
2. According to AD 9371 DS, The Rx I/P and OBS Rx I/P Impedance is 200 Ohm differential, hence the balun has to be  1:4, But in the reference schematic  BALUN is 1:1 (TCM1-83X+)is used, How this can be? Please Suggest us 
3. The same applies for  sniffer Rx I/P Impedance 400 ohm differential and the same BALUN is used.
4. Please suggest some balun for sniffer path.