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Economic alternative to AD8302 for RF phase detection in 200 Mhz - 300 MHz range

Question asked by heikkidelfin on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by tchaya


are there any more affordable ways to convert (sinewave) phase between two signals to voltage than with using ad8302?
I use AD8302 a in high end products and it is really good, but now I'm working on a project that is on a really tight BOM budget with 1k production volume.

The signals are relatively low (tens of millivolts maximum). The output does not need to be calibrated to volts/degrees. The end product will be calibrated. Frequency range is between 200 Mhz - 300 MHz.


Before AD8302 design we used a mixer based phase detector circuit. It had it's problems with amplifier temperature performance etc..


Any suggestions are welcome!