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Selction issues - looking to build a sweep marker generator

Question asked by KeepItSimpleStupid on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2011 by BobC

for 262 KKz, 455 Khz, possible 600 Khz and 10.7 Mhz and possibly other's.


Someone was successfull using abother technolofy at changing the frequency at 8 x per second for <= 455 Khz and generating a marker that's 1 ms long.  This is done, primarily so the AGC doesn't mess with the signal.  The marker would use the scope blanking input.  I guess, if I wanted to venture into more unknown territory, I could use a display and make the unit self-contained.


I guess, I would want to select the center frequency and the width but also have a variable marker.


It's Odd that none of the chips seems to have the ability to generate a marker at a specific frequency when sweeping.


With an 8 Hz updating that's not much processing power.


So, lets just say that for starters, there is a 0 to 1 (+-1) Volt signal might be better for the X axis and a to-be determined signal for the Y-axis.


Later, a Log amp might be added and a integral display making the unit self-contained.


Does anyone have an idea what part to select and what, if any output filter is required.