TX monitor IQ data on RX port

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Hi sripad,


I would also like to monitor the IQ data coming from the receive channels, but I am not able to get anything (the channel is silent). My configuration is FDD LVDS with only 1R1T.


In transiting to transmit with monitoring, I bring ENSM into the WAIT state ([0x14] = 0x0) followed by changing to TDD mode ([0x13] = 0x0), writing all the settings to the register that you wrote above (except that I only enable TX1 monitor). Then I bring ENSM into ALERT ([0x14] = 0x4), and then finally ([0x14] = 0xA0).


I would like to maintain 1R1T (i.e. only TX1 monitor). The transmit is currently working fine (I am getting output from the AD9361) but the receive channel bits are frozen. Nothing is coming through it. I don't need the power monitor (TPM) portion of it, but reading register 0x6B (TX1 RSSI power) does show that it is on and reading something.Any ideas what settings have I missed such that I'm not getting anything from the RX channel?