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Recommended differential voltage range between CLKIN+ and CLKIN- pins of LVDS/LVPECL-I/F based on Input power in HMC7043.

Question asked by SKBY on Dec 15, 2016
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Dear Experts,


My customer is making LVDS interface design of HMC7043. Could you please reply to the following question?


Q1: According to Table 4 on the p.4 of HMC7043 datasheet,
"Recommended input Power, AC-Coupled, Differential" for CLOCK INPUT (CLKIN) is -6[dBm] to +8[dBm].


My customer asked me about the differential voltage range of the above CLOCK INPUT (CLKIN) with 100[ohm] internal resistance termination of HMC7043.


Let me show you the following understanding on the above question:


Pdin: Differential input power value at [dBm].
Vdin: Differential input voltage between CLKIN+ and CLKIN- pins at [V] with 100[ohm] resistance.


According to the Ohm law,
Pdin = 10xlog10(1000xVdin^2/100[ohm]).
---> Vdin = SQRT[10^{(Pdin-10)/10}].


Vdin = 158.5[mV] for -6[dBm] with 100[ohm] termination.
Vdin = 794.3[mA] for +8[dBm] with 100[ohm] termination.


Is the above understanding correct?


Thanks and regards.