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Question asked by mra on Sep 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2011 by DaveD

The software manual and the hardware manual have different description of this setting. Which one is right:


"Register Map Documentation, Software Manual, Rev. F, June 2010" page 48:

REPL_AV_CODE, Reg: 0x05, Bits: 00101100

0 - Outputs SAV/EAV codes on Y channel only

1 - Replicates SAV/EAV codes on all channels


"ADV7604, Hardware Manual, Rev. F, August 2010" page 244:

REPL_AV_CODE, Replicate AV Code, IO Map, Address 0x05, [1]

0 - Spreads AV code over channel A and channel B

1 - Outputs AV code on channel A and duplicate on channel B


The descriptions and the default values differs. I believe the software manual is right, but may you please confirm that and update the text for the next revision of the manuals.


Is figure 74 in the Hardware manual (page 244) related to this setting? I have not found any description of CP_DUP_AV.