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Questions about the function of R13 in HMC611LP4 Evaluation PCB

Question asked by Se-woong on Dec 15, 2016
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My customer will use HMC611LP4 and is reviewing the datasheet now.

In the datasheet,they have some questions.

Please refer below circuit diagram and their questions.


Q1) Would you let me know the exact function of R13(180 ohm) in below Pig.1 and R (700 ohm) in below Pig.2?


Q2) Would you let me know how to choose these register values (180 ohm & 700 ohm) of R13 & R?


Q3) Would you let me know the reason why these values of R13 & R are different?


Q4) If they remove these registers (R13 & R), are there any effects at the performance of HMC611LP4?

     In other words, could they use HMC611LP4 without using R13 (resistance between Pin 3 & Pin 4)?


Please advise me.


Pig. 1). EVM schematic in HMC611LP4 Datasheet (R13 = 180 ohm, in Red circle)

Pig. 2). Pin Cinfiguration Table in HMC611LP4 Datasheet ( R = 700 Ohm, in Red Circle)