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External Interrupt not firing on M320

Question asked by on Dec 14, 2016
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I am using ADuC M320 in my application. I am seeing an issue with the external interrupts where they do not fire. They  fire 2-3 times and after that the external interrupts stop working. When it goes into this state, I confirmed both EIxCFG and ISER configuration are set correctly. The other interrupts in the system (I2C Slave, I2C Master, SysTick and PendSV, other non-interrupt tasks) do not have any issues. Is there any other register I need to look at to debug this? I would appreciate any help in debugging this. 


GPIO interrupt configuration: Edge triggered, Interrupt Priority 3


The following code is how the external interrupts are setup. 


int main()



    // Setup GPIO configuration, for example GP2CON = 0, GP2IE = 0xFF, GP2OE = 0x00







__ramfunc void Gpio2P4IRQ(void)

    // Clear Interrupt Source

    if (pADI_GP2->GPIN & 0x40)
        GP2P4 = TRUE;
        GP2P4 = FALSE;