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Question ADuCM320 LV Die interrupt setting

Question asked by Tarzan on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by Tarzan

Hi there,


I need some advice on ADuCM320.
What I'd like to make sure is the right setting for masking procedure during LV Die0 interrupt routine.
During LV DIe0 interrupt routine, we need to mask the interrupt from the same interrupt source(ACOMP0).
So "INTSEL[11]=0" is inserted in the first line for LV0 handler to mask the interrupt right now.
But I'm not sure if this is the appropriate setting.

Please give me some advice.
-Do you think this is the right procedure?
-Shoud we do ISER0[13]=0 instad of INTSEL[11]=0?
-Just INTCLR is good enogh before the end of LV0 handler?(No need to change ISER0, INTSEL?)


*The following is just brief program summary

-LV Die Interrupt 0 Enable
-Interrupt Source is ACOMP

■Interrupt routine (VL Interrupt0 Handler)
-First: To mask ACOMP while this routine
-some process...
-Clear interrupt source( ACOMP)
-Last: To Set ACOMP again



Thanks in advance.

Best regards,