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ADIS16203 : relation between sampled data updation and read operation

Question asked by ysuzuki on Dec 14, 2016
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I'd like to confirm the relation between sampled data(filtered data) updation and read operation (from INCL_OUT register).
I understand that the ADC of ADIS16203 runs continuously and it is independent from SPI accessing.


Please see attached file.
This is my understanding about the timing of read operation and converted data updation. (It may have some mis-understand points)


The "CASE 1" is indicating normal case. The data updation is completed before read operation and the updation does not occur in the read sequence.
"CASE 2" is indicating that the data updation is occuring between sending read comnad and the reading data.
In "CASE 2", I think I will get previous data before this read operation.
If I need the sampled data of "CASE 2", I need one more read operation.


Q1. Does it true the above understanding about "CASE 2" ?
Q2. How much the delay from sending read command to copying data to output register ?


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