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ADM 1069 first byte of EEPROM?

Question asked by Ondrej_Ille on Dec 14, 2016
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I am creating an C driver for board initialization with ADM1069. I am debugging with Rev. 2 HW soldered

on custom board. I am using logic analyzer. My program does sth like this:


1. Erase the EEPROM (all first 5 pages from 0xF800)

2. Write the inputs configuration into the EEPROM

3. Read them back and compare (to see if EEPROm was programmed OK)


When I compare the values i get errors. The first byte of each output configuration is never matching for any

input. I read the data back by block read. I tried after the block read to read always the first byte by single read

from the same address as block read starts (of course with next set address comand first). Then I get nack

from the circuit!


To demonstrate that sth. is clearly wrong with first byte, I created program which erases the EEPROM and then

reads the value back from it. I dont get 0xFF from first byte. This situation is attached in following picture

(bytes: device addres, block read command, device address, byte count-32,screwed byte, other bytes)!



Is this sign that EEPROM is worn out?? Or is this some other issue?? I am only debugging the circuit for few days so there is no chance that I have made 10000 erase program cycles already. Mostly few hundreds. I never let the erase

run in infinite loop of course...