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AD75019 not working

Question asked by Maria Employee on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Stephen_Nugent

I just talked with your customer support regarding the subject matter. As per Ms. Rachel's advise, I am sending this email.


Recently we bought two AD75019JPZ ICs for one of our application. The connections are made as follows:


Vcc: 5 V

Vdd: +12 V

Vss: -12 V


All power supply pins (41, 42 and 4) are bypassed to DGND through 0.1 uF

Anode of a 1N4007 diode is connected to VCC (Pin 42) and the cathode to VDD (Pin 41), the

anode of another diode is connected to VSS (Pin 4) and the cathode to DGND (Pin 43) according to the datasheet.


We have to connect four NC pins to pin numbers 1, 12, 23 and 34 for design complications. 


Two ICs are cascaded. PCLK and SCLK of the two ICs are same. All Y pins of both ICs are shorted in sequence (e.g. Y0 of IC1 to Y0 of IC2, Y1 of IC1 to Y1 of IC2 etc.). X pins of both ICs are connected to databus.


The circuit is not working. Most of the I/O pins are showing low resistance among them even if we are not sending any serial data.


Kindly provide us the solution urgently.