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AD9517 clk-gen of the AD9467 Eval Board

Question asked by MtheK on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2011 by MtheK


the AD9467 evaluation board clocked with the onboard oscillator runs fine with the HSC-ADC-EVALC FIFO-Board and Matlab as visualization and analysis software.

Now I tried to change the sample frequency by enabling the clock generator AD9517 and configuring it with the SPIController software.


I did the following steps to enable the AD9517:

  • I mounted the capacitors C302 an C303 to route the 250 MHz clock from oscillator to the clock generator.
  • I double checked that the resistor R310 is mounted to enable the chip-select line.


  • I didn't mounted C304 and C305 yet (they foreward the generated clock to the ADC),
    because at first I want to get a working SPI connection to the AD9517.


I loaded the AD9517 config file to the SPIController software, but an error pops up that the SPI connection to the DUT cannot be established.
I also corrected the chip-select line to CSB_1 at the SPIController config, but it still doesn't work!


Unfortunately the user guide of the evaluation board doesn't give any (detailed) instructions on how to use the clock generator!


Any idea what steps i missed?