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ADV7123 video flicker

Question asked by skanzariya on Dec 14, 2016
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We are having problem of Color and Flickering issue on VGA display. ADV7123 chip get RGB data and convert into analog data.


We have tried different Horizontal and Vertical timing to remove the flicker but the flicker either increase or decrease but not completely removed.  We have observed the same issue on LCD, but we have enabled ‘DE’ mode in LCD and flicker removed. If we ground the DE pin (pin 11) of ADV7123, picture does not appear, so it means ADV chip understand the DE pin status and act according, but image flicker on the VGA display.


Your valuable information will help me to debug the issue in right direction as we are struggling since last couple of days to remove flicker on VGA.


Please let me know if call or meeting is required for further detailed discussion.


Awaiting for your response soon.


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