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Question for AD7730 Filter

Question asked by Jake01 on Dec 14, 2016
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I'm testing AD7730 for weighscale application

From the datasheet, I could find Sinc3 and FIR filter.

FIR filter looks like good performance at 20Hz ~ 60hz noise rejection with slow settling.

S0, I tried to use Sinc3 Filter to reject noise at 20Hz ~ 60Hz.


Question :

1. It seems like Sinc3 Filter is not appropriate to reject noise at 20Hz ~ 60Hz. Am I right?

When I saw sinc filter of AD719x series, seems like it can reject 20Hz ~ 60Hz noise.

(Because of output data rate constraint) See the below!

2. Is it possible to apply oversampling technique for AD7730?

e.g) When I set the ODR to 200Hz, Output noise is bigger than 400Hz ODR.(Fast = 1, CHOP enabled)

If so, can you give me data to understand it?


3. If Sinc3 filter is not stand for rejection noise of 20Hz ~ 60Hz, What is its function?