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'Target Processor Paused' Error while configuring AD-FMCDAQ2 EBZ and Arria 10 FPGA

Question asked by anujgadiyar on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by DragosB

Hello ADI Support,


We are working on configuring the AD-FMCDAQ2 EBZ card with Arria 10 GX Development kit for its operation. We have obtained the Reference design that is available for the same from your website. However we are facing issues during configuration. When we try to download the 'zImage' onto FPGA via Nios Shell after programming the FPGA we are encountering 'Target Processor Paused' issue. The steps we followed are as follows:


The reference design had SOF file and zImage file. The following steps were followed to configure the devices.

  1. The FPGA was programmed with the SOF file using the Quartus programmer through the USB port. The board uses the on-board programmer(Max10). The programming was successful
  2. The zImage file was tried to download onto the FPGA on the Nios Shell. The following error was encountered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  zImage Download Error



Kindly find the screenshot attached of the Nios Shell terminal. Can you kindly let us know the possible reason for the issue or is there any step that we have been missing while configuring the devices.


Also can you kindly provide more information about the test environment and setup use for a successful configuration of these 2 devices. And we would also like to get the complete design files of the design since the refernce design contains only the programmable SOF file. Our FPGA Carrier: A10GX(10AX115S3F45E2SGE3) and FMC Card: FMCDAQ2


Thank You,